About Us

Dimond Plumbing & Heating Co. was founded in 1910 when many families and businesses were relocating to the east bay after the 1906 earthquake. Oakland’s “DIMOND DISTRICT” was home and for many years Dimond Plumbing & Heating was located on the corner of MacArthur Blvd. and Coolidge Ave. Early in the century Dimond Plumbing & Heating did much of the plumbing for the Alameda County Building and The University of California – Berkeley. In addition to the commercial and industrial work Dimond Plumbing & Heating Co. continued to earn the reputation for quality and honesty with the residents of Oakland and the entire east bay community. Many of our current customers are children and grand children of our first customers. Now in it’s third generation of ownership, Dimond Plumbing & Heating Co. continues to deliver quality work at fair prices, offering value and integrity on every service call